Digiflavor AURA

The Aura is a flavor RDA designed by DJLsb Vapes, which will deliver you the best

vaping experience not only due to its build deck system and deep reservoir but

also due to the attention to details and extras included. Its Step clamp build deck

allows to insert coils faster and easier, secured by two big “user friendly” screws,

while the two airflow channels deliver the best flavor and prevent leakage due to

the height and position of it.

Digiflavor AURA rda

Step clamp build deck allows you

to insert coils faster and easier than ever.

Digiflavor AURA rda deck

Build deck secured with two big “user friendly”

screws. Two sets of screws included, both flat head

screws and Phillips screws, which allows you to apply

more torque, they are solid, durable and convenient.

Digiflavor AURA rda screw tool

Two airflow channels produce dense and intense

flavor due to the angle directed towards the coils.

Digiflavor AURA rda airflow control

Ultem disc plate protects the mod from

heat while giving the RDA a distinct look.

Digiflavor AURA rda PEI

The top cap is domed and was machined close

to the coils to intensify even more flavor.

Digiflavor AURA rda airflow

Two sets of 810 drip tips included to meet personal

preference. (Gold version comes with PEI drip tip)

Digiflavor AURA rda parameter

Both regular Positive connector and BF (Bottom

Feeding) connector are included. The BF connector comes

high enough to still leave a perfect amount of liquid

inside even when you remove the bottle.

Digiflavor AURA rda BF connector

Two 2.5mm and two 3.0mm coiling tools are

included to position the coils while assembling.

Digiflavor AURA rda package contents

Two 3.0mm (2×28/36 SS316L) personally

selected by DJLsb Vapes included.

Digiflavor AURA Details