WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NICOTINE. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
GO with Uno Flavor.
Exclusive finish with dynamic designs.
Bottom lamp ring, glowing while vaping.
Innovative sucking-setting to adjust LED effects.
Upgraded cartridge with unique nipple-shaped drip tip.
With impressive 2 days use, DF DU POD Kit spurts
towards with UNO flavor.
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  • Le Mans Édition

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LMA Sportscar Finish
Speed with style.
Each element demonstrates its unique idea.
•   Dynamic Gold Graffiti – Freestyle. Free Rein.
•   White Block – Unbounded. Unlimited.
•   Blue Décor Line – Fast & Furious.
•   DF Logo-tiled Red Coating – Passion. Emancipation.
Bottom Lamp Ring
UNO in multiple colors.
While vaping, the bottom lamp ring will be lit, looking dashing and futuristic in your hands.
Switch between two modes by sucking 3 times in a row.
•    Battery Life Indicating Mode.
•    Breathing Light Mode.
Upgraded Cartridge with
New Drip Tip
A lip-comfy & flavor-smooth MTL.
The silicone-made nipple-shaped drip tip provides an excellent lip-fitting vape.
Improved cartridge structure to prevent condensation.
Geekvape G Series Mesh Coil adopted; smooth flavor opted.
1100mAh with Type-C Charging
Last till the final.
•    1100mAh. Impressive 2 days vaping.
•    Charge with Type-C port. Plug in the cable to get a safer and faster fuel up experience.