WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NICOTINE. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

New Look
New Fantasy

New patterns and aluminum alloy materials brings a unique touch and elegant style, which makes you stand out among the crowd. Every detail of design embodies a combination of innovation and quality.

New RGB Light
Enlighten Your Life

The new RGB light puts you in the center of whatever is going on, and brings more intelligent and intuitive experience to check the device status.

Battery Status Instructions:
Green: 61 - 100%
Blue: 31 - 60%
Yellow: 11 - 30%
Red: 0 - 10%

Top Fill, Top Pick.

Snap off the drip tip. Fill in and fuel up your day!

Precise Adjustments
for Airflow

The new airflow structure allows for easier and more precise airflow control, as well as smoother flavor.

Precise Adjustments
for Temperature

Press the fire button three times in 2 seconds to adjust output temperature. And you can also switch to the power adjustment mode. Enjoy different airflow levels and various flavor experience at ease.

2-day-use 1000mAh

Digi-Q provides an amazing endurance of 2-day-use and enables a consistent flavor.

Q Cartridge Compatible
More Choices of Device

Digi-Q is compatible with Geekvape Q Cartridge,
and you can choose the perfect device.

VPU Inside
Better Vaping

With the latest VPU tech, a better experience is provided - mellower taste, longer usage lifespan and safer vape. Let's quest for the future!